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American Government - Credit Recovery - In Person
*This course is designed for students looking to recover credit in Civics/American Government.  
**It is expected that students in this class would have had exposure to some course content during the regular school year.  
Students will investigate the organization of government in the United States, the division of power between state and national government, and the separation of powers in various branches of government. Formal and informal rules which regulate the political process will be examined. The procedure open to the individual citizen to influence the political decision-making process will be emphasized. Election procedures, political party activities, pressure of special interest groups, conditions influencing voter choices, limitations placed on decision makers, and right and responsibilities of citizens will be studied. Students in the course will engage in the development of a Democracy Activities Portfolio.

Prerequisite: Modern World History 

Please choose only ONE section.

Within this schedule include opportunities for students to engage in asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities, mandatory class meetings, and optional office hour support time.

American Government - Credit Recovery - In Person (HSSS7450.1, Sem. 1, 8:00am, 6/21 to 7/9)
Sessions: 14
Dates: 6/21/2021 to 7/9/2021
Meeting Times: 
Mon - Fri  8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location:  Conard High School
Instructor: Jason Lussier
Entering Grades:  9, 10, 11, 12
$364.00   (Class Fee)
Note: Please call to register

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